Monthly Archives: October 2013

Through my research at the Marshall Space Flight Center and continued development as part of my undergraduate honors thesis, I have chosen to publish what I call the APM Multicopter Development Kit for Simulink. This toolkit includes a configurable dynamic model for a wide range of multicopter configurations, as well as a simple PID attitude […]

Flight Video: Bill of Materials: [Qty. 1] Super Simple Mini H-Quad V2.0 Frame   [Qty. 1] CC3D Flight Controller   [Qty. 2] APC 5545E Electric Prop   [Qty. 2] APC 5545EP Electric Prop   [Qty. 4] MT-1306 10 3100KV Tiger Motor   [Qty. 1] USB Programmer   [Qty. 4] Turnigy Plush 6A ESC   [Qty. […]