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Over the past few years I have revisited my coilgun and capacitor charging projects several times. My first attempt at designing a LT3751 flyback capacitor charger was never functional, possibly due to poor soldering and a bad PCB layout. My second attempt lacked technical ambition and simply involved slapping an ebay LM2596 adjustable voltage step-down regulator […]

Preface: Last year I began assisting in the development of the AirBooster, a scale jet-powered vertical take-off and landing vehicle funded by FusionFlight. I expressed an interest in the rapid prototyping, design and construction of a functional vehicle utilizing my PX4 Development Kit for Simulink as a basis for the flight control system. The project was hindered […]

Abstract: The increasing civilian demand for autonomous aerial vehicle platforms in both hobby and professional markets has resulted in an abundance of inexpensive inertial navigation systems and hardware. Many of these systems lack full autonomy, relying on the pilot’s guidance with the assistance of inertial sensors for feedback and stability. Autonomous systems rely heavily on […]

Rapid prototyping equipment, such as 3D printers and laser cutters, have become increasingly more common in the past few years, but few quality solutions exist that can serve both purposes at a low cost. A decent hobby laser cutter may cost thousands of dollars. Even few sub-$1000 3D printers are both durable and capable of […]