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Flight Video: Bill of Materials: [Qty. 1] Super Simple Mini H-Quad V2.0 Frame   [Qty. 1] CC3D Flight Controller   [Qty. 2] APC 5545E Electric Prop   [Qty. 2] APC 5545EP Electric Prop   [Qty. 4] MT-1306 10 3100KV Tiger Motor   [Qty. 1] USB Programmer   [Qty. 4] Turnigy Plush 6A ESC   [Qty. […]

This frame was designed for AP and FPV with the idea of reducing as many vibrations to the camera as possible. The carbon tubes and rubber dampers are common parts for XAircraft frames that can be purchased at a low cost. The V shape allows cameras to be mounted above the loading pipes without the […]

Several months after completing my original Printrbot + Upgrades, I am now introducing the latest version of my improvements. These new components address several problems with the original upgrades and they are also much stronger, easier to assemble and they require far less material and print time. New Features: Minimal hardware required – assembly requires […]