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Custom MultiWii Motor Mixes

Although the standard MultiWii firmware offers an abundance of multirotor mixes, some less common designs remain absent. Modifying the firmware to support custom mixes is rather easy and allows for a wide range of frame options. I will first start by introducing the concept behind the motor mixes and an example mix of a quadcopter with an […]

V6 FPV Multicopter

Bill of Materials [Qty. 3] 3/8″ Basswood Square Rods [Qty. 1] 1/32″ Birch Plywood Sheet [Qty. 1] M2x8 Screws [Qty. 1] Cable Ties [Qty. 1] 20AWG Red Wire [Qty. 1] 20AWG Black Wire [Qty. 6] 2900kv Brushless Outrunner [Qty. 6] Plush 6A ESC [Qty. 1] 26AWG Servo Wire [Qty. 1] Servo Terminals [Qty. 1] Male […]