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Custom MultiWii Motor Mixes

Although the standard MultiWii firmware offers an abundance of multirotor mixes, some less common designs remain absent.┬áModifying┬áthe firmware to support custom mixes is rather easy and allows for a wide range of frame options. I will first start by introducing the concept behind the motor mixes and an example mix of a quadcopter with an […]

V6 FPV Multicopter

Bill of Materials [Qty. 3] 3/8″ Basswood Square Rods [Qty. 1] 1/32″ Birch Plywood Sheet [Qty. 1] M2x8 Screws [Qty. 1] Cable Ties [Qty. 1] 20AWG Red Wire [Qty. 1] 20AWG Black Wire [Qty. 6] 2900kv Brushless Outrunner [Qty. 6] Plush 6A ESC [Qty. 1] 26AWG Servo Wire [Qty. 1] Servo Terminals [Qty. 1] Male […]

Micro FPV Multicopter

After giving FPV a go for the first time with my X4 Drone, I found it rather difficult to fly on such a large and heavy platform. I was too overly cautious of crashing. Therefore, I decided to build a durable micro to practice FPV. I began with the intention of making a hexacopter frame, […]