Hybrid Xaircraft Y6 DIY Frame

First I started with the power distribution wiring, all of which was salvaged from my hexacopter build.

Three arms were cut and drilled from 10mm aluminum tubing.

I used six Hobbyking 25A Red Brick ESCs flashed with SimonK firmware and six Turnigy L2210C-1200 Brushless Motors.

For more information on flashing the ESCs see my tutorial here.

Using the standard supplied mounting hardware and some M3 bolts, I mounted each of the motors to the arms of the frame.

After completing the arms, I cut and drilled two frame plates from sheet metal. I also secured the top mounting plate, loading pipes and landing gear from my Xaircraft DIY frame to the new Y6 frame. Before bolting the two frame plates I connected all ESCs to the power distribution harness and concealed the wires between the two frame plates.

Finally, I secured the ESCs to each arm using zip ties and completed the wiring of the ESCs to each motor.