X-Spider Hexacopter

This is a frame I designed to be used as an FPV platform. I never ended up using this frame because it was not very rigid so I decided to go with an XAircraft Hexa Frame. The build log for the Xaircraft frame can be found HERE.

Plans for this frame can be found HERE.

Each piece is cut from sheet metal, the edges filed, holes drilled, and the pieces flattened with a hammer.

The legs were creased in order to prevent them from folding.

Each arm was stained with Minwax Mahogany Finish and coated with polyurehane.

The frame and motors were bolted together with M3x20 bolts.

The power spider is made from several lengths of 16 AWG silicon wire. It distrubtes 11.1V to each ESC as well as two auxillary outputs for LEDs and the video transmitter.

Each ESC is mounted to the landing legs using two zip-ties.

This shows the partially completed wiring of the flight controller, power distribution, receiver, OSD, and video transmitter.